22/4/2018 U12AFL Girls Blackhall Gaels 4-8 Walterstown 2-9
13/4/2018 U12AFL Girls Blackhall Gaels 2-4 Skryne 1-2
25/3/2018 U12AFL Girls Blackhall Gaels 5-7 St Ultans 2-4

Well done to the u12a girls ,3 strong wins over walterstown, Skryne and St Ultans in the last 3 matches have moved them up to 2nd in the league.

A strong defensive unit containing Lauren Byrne, Eabha McIver, Maeve Walsh, Izzy Keogh, Katie drake and Emily Wall have continued to defend stoutly, our midfielders Ava Lambert, Kate Gormley and Elizabeth Comerford have used their pace and guile to outplay and outfield their midfield opponents and our forwards containing Poppy Byrne, Isabel Lambert, Olivia O'Mahony, Sophia Lannigan, Blathnaid O'Connor, Mischa Giblin, Eva Barry and Lucy O'Neill have outwitted the stubborn defences to score superb goals and points when needed.

Indeed with Isabel and Olivia, the team has 2 small but very skilful goal machines and with Poppy Byrne who takes points from all ranges, the team is well equipped to continue on its fine run.